Human Resources is a complex, broad field and HR professionals are required to handle an assortment of legal, administrative and other tasks. Strategic Benefits offers a wide range of materials and resources to support your HR needs.

Employee Manuals

An Employee Manual is one of the most vital documents your company can have. Not only does it establish consistent standards and expectations for employees, but it can also help you avoid legal issues. Our clients have access to an HR compliant manual that can be customized based on the company’s needs.

HR Forms

We provide a wealth of HR compliant personnel forms and employee communications to help you improve communication, increase productivity, streamline processes, and save money and time for your Human Resources department.

Company Policies

We provide an array of communications for all types of company policies, from paid time off to internet use.


Our clients have access to procedural guidelines ranging from compliant hiring practices to correctly terminating an employee.

Health & Wellness Articles

Studies show wellness programs and consumerism strategies reduce healthcare costs and improve employee productivity and morale. We can coordinate annual health fairs, wellness seminars, and flu shots. We can also provide wellness articles and newsletters that employers use to support an educational wellness campaign.